About Me

Hi! I'm Justin. I'm a full stack developer by day and also a half stack developer by night (I get a bit lazy when I'm off the clock). I have a strong passion for coding and have been doing it for just over 10 years (3 years proffesionally); I absolutely love it!

I'm from Canada, not born but raised. I moved to Chicago over 2 years ago after finishing my degree in computer science. I like ketchup chips, I love KD (Kraft Dinner for those not in the know) and pretty much all other food except peanut butter. Other than that I'm a bit of a board game enthusiast and love camping and hiking. Anyway this isn't my dating profile so moving on!

Currently I work for the software company Wellspring as a full stack developer. We are a small team of devlopers with multiple large profile products, because of this I get to stick my hands into a bit of everything; which I love. I do active development and maintenance (front end and back) on three different products we own (specifically Sophia, Flintbox and Wellspring Search), work on automated testing and deployment for these products as well as have a hand in managing and configuring our servers for these products. My core strengths lie in back-end development but getting to know and contribute to every aspect of a product is my ideal.